August 22, 2020

5:00 AM – 8:00 PM



3-9 teammates can participate in the Valkyrie Multi-sport Team Relay together, plus a Wingmate support member driving the team vehicle to shuttle athletes and wrangle gear. Two teammates are allowed for both the paddle segment and road run segment



Trail Run | Road Race | Mountain Bike | Stand Up Paddle Board | Paddle | Open Water Swim | Road Cycling


Course Venues

Jordanelle Reservoir | Wasatch County | Midway | The Homestead Resort | Charleston | Soldier Hollow Nordic Center | Deer Creek Reservoir | Uinta National Forest | Wasatch Mountain State Park

Multi-sport Team Relay Race


This is regrettable, despite our motivations to serve racers, exhibitors, club members and our most loyal Valkyrie Relay followers with a race and expo event, and to operate it safely.

From a safety perspective, the statistical trend of the novel corona virus and fatalities attributed to COVID-19 in Utah have not altered to a degree to warrant holding the events: The Valkyrie Relay, The Endurance Sports Summit, Valkyrie Midway Marathon, Valkyrie Midway Half-Marathon, and the Wasatch Summit Club Relay. In the end, it has also manifest itself in the lack of public confidence to participate.

For those already registered, the registration fees will be applied to the race next year, 19 June 2021, unless a full refund is requested. Those who have or would like to roll their registration fee receive complimentary Wasatch Summit Club Membership, valid through 31 December 2021 for any events, activities and promotions directly related or ancillary to the Valkyrie Relay and Endurance Sports Summit.

For those who have purchased Wasatch Summit Club membership separately for purposes of participating in the now cancelled Club Relay, you can keep this benefit of membership or request a refund. All refund requests will be honored only if submitted to info@valkyrierelay BEFORE 22 August 2020.

We wish to thank so many loyal Valkyrie and Endurance Sport Summit supporters: athletes, exhibitors, volunteers, venue owners, contractors, permitting offices, state, county & municipal agencies – ALL who got us so close to holding this unique and thrilling event.

If there were ever a non-sport allegory for an endurance race, it is conceiving, putting in motion, launching the brand, and realizing the Valkyrie Multi-Sport Relay and the Endurance Sport Summit. We as race directors and these events are now better for the struggle.

Warmest wishes for your health and training activities until 19 June 2021!!

–  Valkyrie Multi-Sport Relay and Endurance Sports Summit




The picturesque course pays homage to Utah’s spectacular Central Wasatch terrain, passing through Jordanelle and Deer Creek State Parks, Wasatch County, Soldier Hollow, Uinta National Forest, Wasatch Mountain State Park, and the communities of Midway and Charleston.

The seven-sport team relay course begins on the north side of Jordanelle Reservoir where racers will complete the Trail run leg and Paddle leg of the race and also begin the Road Race leg. The Road Race passes through the community of Midway ending at Soldier Hollow Nordic Center where racers will transition to the Mtn Bike leg of the course. The Mtn Bike course is a 17.7 miles course that includes two 4.5-mile laps on the closed-circuit mountain bike competition course of Soldier Hollow Nordic Ski Center, plus 8.7 miles southbound on the Deer Creek Trail connecting to the Deer Creek Dam Trailhead parking lot where Mtn Bike racers will pass the team timing chip to their Road Cycling counterparts. The Road Cycling leg is a 35.6-mile course on paved road through one of Utah’s most cherished scenic byways of the Wasatch Mountains before returning to Soldier Hollow Nordic Center once again to finish the Valkyrie Relay.

The SUP and Open Water Swim legs of the race will kick off at the same time the mt. biker racer begins their 18.7 mile journey. When the Road Race teammate passes their timing chip to the Mtn Bike teammate, Race Management at that transition zone will radio their counterpart at the SUP Start to give the SUP athlete the green light. Your SUP and swimming teammates will have a separate timing chip and both times will be added together to for your total team time. If you have a Mtn Biker or Road Race teammate that plans to participate in the SUP or Open Water Swim leg of the course, with advanced notice, they will be allowed to travel to the SUP start and begin their water sport split time when they arrive, it is not necessary to begin the SUP segment at the moment of Mtn Bike to Road Cycle hand-off. 

The Valkyrie Multi-sport Team Relay course is designed to be an event where individuals, friends, clubs, teams, co-workers, families, community groups, etc. can come together and participate in a unique, challenging, and inspiring event. If you are not part of a team but want to participate in the race, or your team is looking for someone to fill a race segment, you can find one another on our website on the event message board.

The Valkyrie Multi-sport Team Relay is for the seasoned athlete, weekend warrior, and people new to endurance sports. The race has been broken up into manageable sections to make the race doable by most groups. Don’t get us wrong, you will have to train for this race. The Road Race has been broken down into two half marathons so teams can choose to have 1 or 2 racers complete this segment. For the most part, the course is downhill or flat once you pass mile five on the first half. The Paddle segment can also be completed by 1 or 2 racers, depending on the watercraft you choose.



Course Map

TThe race begins with a trail run around Jordanelle Reservoir, followed by a 5k kayak/canoe race across Jordanelle Reservoir, leading into a marathon distance road race (split between two teammates) starting at the edge of the Jordanelle Reservoir and running through the outskirts of Midway to the edge of Deer Creek Reservoir. Once participants complete the road race segment, they will begin the Mt. Bike segment at the Euclid Outdoors Mt. Bike course completing two 4.4 mile laps on this fun and technical course. This segment is followed by a 5k SUP course in Deer Creek Reservoir and a 1-mile open water swim course. Once out of the water, participants will embark on the final segment to the finish line on their road bikes through Provo Canyon, then to the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway, through American Fork Canyon past Timpanogos Cave Monument, and finally finishing at the Endurance Sports Summit Expo at Thanksgiving Point.  

The official finish line will be at Thanksgiving Point inside the Expo area of the Endurance Sports Summit. Cyclists will dismount their road bikes in the parking lot, regroup with their team members who will be waiting in a designated area, then finish the race together by running to the finish line inside the Expo.