Valkyrie Segment: Road Run


The picturesque 26.2-mile Road Race pays homage to Utah’s celebrated Central Wasatch. Road Racers compete on the comparatively cool scenic highways and country roads of Wasatch County and Midway, Utah. The first half is a fast descent. The second, meanders through tree-lined neighborhoods and past green pastures before arriving to Soldier Hollow.


Full Course Road Race: Wasatch County and Midway 7:00AM – 1:15PM Sprint Course Road Race: Midway 7:00AM – 1:15PM


ROAD RACE (RDR) LEG 3 TEAMMATES: 1 or 2 DISTANCE: 26.2/42.2 MLS/KM ELEVATION GAIN: 1027/313 FT/M ELEVATION LOSS: 1677/511 FT/M STARTING POINT: Rock Cliff Campground, Jordanelle Reservoir COURSE HOURS 7:00AM – 1:15PM COURSE LOCATION: Starting at the Rock Creek Campground at Jordanelle Reservoir, off of SR-32, Francis, UT. Finishing at Soldier Hollow Nordic Center via SR-32, Midway, Stringtown Rd.


Course Map

The race begins with an undulating 10.2-mile Trail Run, along the Jordanelle Reservoir. Starting pre-dawn, headlamps are required. Pace-setting Trail Runners benefit from cooler weather as they lengthen the field. Maneuvering space will be a premium at the transition at the end of the Trail Run. If you can get ahead, do it. TRAIL RUN (TRL) LEG 1 TEAMMATES: 1 DISTANCE: 10.7/17.2 MLS/KM ELEVATION GAIN: 1322/403 FT/M STARTING POINT: Ross Creek Trailhead, Jordanelle Reservoir COURSE HOURS 5:00-8:00AM (sunrise is 05:54AM) COURSE LOCATION: The Ross Creek Trailhead is located on Longview Dr off of Highway 248, Hideout, UT. The trail continues South, then East along the East shore of Jordaneelle Reservior for 10.2/16.4 mls/km and transitions to the Paddle segment at the Rock Cliff boat-ramp.

Parking Information

PARKING AT ROCK CLIFF: The limited parking at the Rock Cliff Campgrounds boat-ramp is for Valkyrie Relay™ operational vehicles and team boat and competitor load & unloading only. Nearest dedicated parking for competitors and their gear is at the Valkyrie Relay™ Bivouac at the Rock Cliff Campground. Some vehicle staging is available nearby at the mouth of Roack Cliff Rd on SR-32 (driver remains with vehicle), as drivers wait to load boats, trail racers and paddlers. (see diagram) SOLDIER HOLLOW NORDIC CENTER PARKING: Ample parking is available at the SHNC with a walk of 0.3 miles to the Finish Line and Transition Zone. Wingmates with Vehicle Access and Parking Permits (VAPP) will be able to access the Transition Zone of the SHNC for drop off and pick up of athletes and gear only. Vehicles cannot park or wait (with driver) at the Transition. Limited space is available for waiting vehicles (with driver) at the Biathlon Range area. *Parking is limited along the course so we highly suggest that your team travel together as much as possible, ideally having a team vehicles(s) with non-competing drivers that can pick-up and drop off team members and gear along the course as the race progresses. Please review the section on Wingmates, event parking, and the Valkyrie Relay™ Bivouacs.

Transition Information

PAD>RDR TRANSITION: The Paddler runs 0.7 mls from the boat staging area to the Road Race Transition Area at the Rock Cliff Valkyrie Bivouac. Once across the timing sensor, the Paddler tags his/her Road Race counterpart and the Road Race leg begins. RDR1>RDR2 TRANSITION: If applicable, the first Road Racer, completing the first half of the Marathon arrives to the mid-point at the Wasatch Mountain State Park. There, he/she crosses the timing sensor and tags the second runner in the Transition Zone, who continues the race. If a team has fielded a single athlete to run the entire Marathon, this person passes through the Transition Zone unslowed and continues. RDR>MTB TRANSITION: Runners enter the SHNC Transition Zone and tag their MTB teammate at the timing sensor to begin the closed course.

Segment Rules

1. The Road Race leg, the Valkyrie Midway Marathon and the Valkyrie Midway Half Marathon are considered "Rules of the Road" races. While competing on the road sections of the race, competitors must obey all relevant pedestrian and cyclist laws of the community in which the course is located. For further study, please see (link). 2. Strollers, roller or inline skates, skateboards, scooters, bikes, dogs, unregistered runners and runners against race traffic will be prohibited from entering any closed portions of the course and strongly discouraged by race staff and Public Safety Officers from entering or otherwise obstructing race traffic in open course areas. Competitors should remind any spectating family and friends of race ettiquette with regard to course access. 3. Public Safety Officers will not prevent general public vehicles from circulating on open portions of the course. But Team support vehicles with a visible Vaklkyrie Vehicle Access and Parking Permit (VAPP) will be given preference by race staff and Officers to approach racers. 4. Course hours for the Road Race leg are from 7:00AM - 1:15PM. 5. To maintain aggregate timing of your team's progress, your team member must complete this leg and tag your Mountain Bike teammate before the Road Race course has closed. 6. The event organizer reserves the right to re-move a runner from the course if, in our judgement, it is possible that serious or fatal injury could result from continued comport or participation. 7. We strongly recommend that you refrain from using portable music players at our events. This is a safety issue—you need to be able to hear the runners around you and any safety or medical vehicles (including bikes) that are trying to move along the course. 8. Tag-up between first-half and second-half runner shall occur only in the Road Race Mid-point Transition Zone at Wasatch Mountain State Park Headquarters.