Valkyrie Segment: Road Biking


LOCATION: Deer Creek Reservoir to Soldier Hollow Nordic Center via Route 92 (Alpine Loop), Cascade Springs Scenic Rd, and a tour of Midway.

The Road Cycle Race (RCY) is a 35.6-mile course on paved road through one of Utah’s most cherished scenic byways of the Wasatch Mountains before finishing at the Endurance Sports Summit at Soldier Hollow Nordic Center.

The elevation gain is formidable but so is the descent. The surrounding mountains cast cooling shadows in the late afternoon through the evening but can also challenge riders’ light adjustment as they pass in and out of the shadows. Peak activity on this course is from 03:00-07:00 pm. Riders should assume a ‘Rules of the Road’ race. All riders must obey common traffic laws unless directed otherwise by on-course police agencies or present racecourse closures to public traffic.






Course Map

Once tagged by the mountain biker, Road Cyclists (RCY) depart the small transition area of the Deer Creek Dam Trailhead parking lot and enter Southwest-bound Hwy 189 into Provo Canyon. The scenic course then follows a sequence of Route 92 past Sundance Resort, FR 114 over North Fork Ridge to Cascade Springs Trailhead, then descend Cascade Springs Scenic Rd back into Midway. Rider will make one counterclockwise lap around Midway following Springtown Rd, 100 South, 200 East, River Rd, 1050 North, Homestead Rd, and back to Stringtown Rd, Southbound. Cyclists will enter SHNC via Soldier Hollow Ln, Olympic Dr, and cross the Valkyrie Relay™ Finish Line at the Endurance Sports Summit. Riders will reach the summit (7986 ft) roughly 12.3 miles from the start of the leg. There are rumble strips on the road (Route189) starting at the start and ending once you reach the turnoff for the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway. The rumble strips narrow the shoulder and can make it hard for riders to pass one another, caution is advised in this section of the race.

Parking Information

MTB>RCY TRANSITION PARKING: The limited parking at the Deer Creek Dam Trailhead parking lot is for Valkyrie Relay™ operational vehicles and mountain bike & road cycle competitor and gear load & unloading only. Wingmate vehicles may park for their turn to load/unload at a small stretch of service road nearby and at a UDOT sand/gravel deposit lot on the opposite side of Hwy 189. (see course diagram) ENDURANCE SPORTS SUMMIT / FINISH LINE PARKING / SOLDIER HOLLOW NORDIC CENTER PARKING: Ample parking is available at the SHNC with a walk of 0.3 miles to the Finish Line and Transition Zone. Wingmates with Vehicle Access and Parking Permits (VAPP) will be able to access the Transition Zone near the Finish Line for drop off and pick up of athletes and gear only. Vehicles cannot park or wait (with driver) at the Transition or Finish Line. Limited space is available for waiting vehicles (with a driver) at the Biathlon Range area. *Parking is limited along the course so we highly suggest that your team travel together as much as possible, ideally having a team vehicle(s) with non-competing drivers that can pick-up and drop off team members and gear along the course as the race progresses. Please review the section on Wingmates, event parking and the Valkyrie Relay™ Bivouacs.

Transition Information

MTB>RCY TRANSITION: MTB riders arrive to the Deer Creek Dam parking lot upon exiting the trail and tag their RCY counterpart waiting for them there with their cycle. As MTB riders cross the timing sensor, his/her team’s SUP athlete counterpart will also be alerted to begin their 5K leg at the Rainbow Bay Day Use area of Deer Creek Reservoir. This will begin a team’s split time for SUP and SWM legs, which will be included as part of the team’s overall time. RCY and VALKYRIE RELAY™ FINISH: Cyclists cross the timing sensor plane and Finish Line on the asphalt tarmac in front of Soldier Hollow’s Competition Management Building. This stops the team’s aggregate and Road Cycle split time. Timing consolidation of the SUP and Swim split times is now made. Total time and Finish Placement/Rank will be displayed on a monitor inside the venue where the Endurance Sport Summit™ is taking place. Teammates from each sport are encouraged to all rendezvous at the Finish as the cyclist crosses. Then together, assemble on the podium to signal their finish and stand for a photo. The team’s time and rank will be displayed above the podium in front of a cheering crowd of Endurance Sport Summit™ and Valkyrie Relay™ participants. Any post-relay interviews will be made in a designated mixed zone near the Finish.