Valkyrie Segment: Open Water Swim

LOCATION: Main Creek Inlet at the extreme southeast of Deer Creek Reservoir

The Open Water Swim segment (SWM) starts at Deer Creek State Park at the inland beachhead and proceeds out and back within the protected waters of the Main Creek Inlet. Peak activity for the SUP segment is between 04:00-04:30pm.


Course Map

The 1 ml closed course starts westward from the easternmost beachhead of the Main Creek Inlet for 0.5 mls, around the buoy and back again. The inlet will be closed for competitors only. To better ensure safety and enhance rescue responsiveness, any SWM competitors known to be competing in prior segments MUST provide their own spotter to keep pace with the swimmer from the shore or on a canoe, kayak or SUP.

Parking Information

SUP>SWM>RCY TRANSITION PARKING: The limited parking at the highway turnout and trailhead above the SUP>SWM TRANSITION beachhead is for the SWM>RCY TRANSITION, Valkyrie Relay™ operational vehicles and SUP, SWM, RCY competitor and gear load & unloading only. Nearest dedicated parking for competitors and their gear is at the Valkyrie Relay™ Bivouac at the Rock Creek Parking near the junction of SR-32 and SR-189. Some vehicle staging is available at nearby day use parking and highway turnouts (driver remains with vehicle) as drivers wait to load/unload paddlers, swimmers, cyclists, and their gear. (see diagram)

*Parking is limited along the course so we highly suggest that your team travel together as much as possible, ideally having a team vehicles(s) with non-competing drivers that can pick-up and drop off team members and gear along the course as the race progresses. Please review the section on event parking and the Valkyrie Relay™ Bivouac.

Transition Information

SUP>SWM TRANSITION: SUP paddlers beach themselves on the inland end of the Main Creek Inlet. The SUP board must be carried out and free of the beachhead before the Open Water swimmer may begin. The swimmer may assist the SUP paddler in carrying the board.

SWM>RCY TRANSITION: Swimmers exit the water at the designated course beachhead and run 250 yds up the marked trail to the small SWM>RCY TRANSITION lot off of Hwy-189. Swimmers are encouraged to stage at the take out point some slip-on shoes for the ascent up the trail. At the lot swimmers will cross the timing sensor plane and tag their cycling counterpart to begin the RCY and last segment.

RCY TRANSITION OVERRIDE: Valkyrie Relay™ organizers, Utah Highway Patrol and other agencies will take measures in the interest of course safety and in order to best ensure all segment competitors the chance to race before course closure at 08:30pm (sunset is 08:12pm). All Road Cycle racers not yet tagged by their open swim counterparts by nearly 05:00pm will start their race by 05:00pm under concurrent course timing. Prior relay segments may continue progress until the Open Water Swimmer completes his/her segment. Should a team require the RCY Override Start, the times will be combined to determine overall placement in the Valkyrie Relay™.

Segment Rules

Your team must start the Open Water leg of the race no later than 4:30 P.M. If your Mt. Bike teammate does not reach the SUP transition zone before 4:30 P.M. both your Open Water Swim teammate will be assigned a new timing chip and will start both the Open Water Swim at 4:30 P.M. Your times (legs 1-5, the Open Water Swim, and the Road Cycling leg) will be combined at the finish line to give your team an overall time. In this case, your Road Cycling teammate will have left heading for the finish line at 4:00 P.M. Once your teammates finish the SUP segment and the Open Water Segment you will pack up and head towards the finish line where you will regroup at Thanksgiving Point and cross the finish line. At the finish line, you will be able to relax and look back on the accomplishments of your team and participate in the festivities of the Endurance Sports Summit.