Valkyrie Segment: Mountain Bike

COURSE LOCATION: Soldier Hollow Nordic Center, 2002 Soldier Hollow Ln, Midway, UT and Provo River
Parkway Trail

The Mountain Bike course (MTB) is 18.7 miles total in two 5.0-mile laps on the closed-circuit mountain bike competition course of Soldier Hollow Nordic Ski Center (SHNC), plus 8.7 miles southbound on the Provo River Parkway Trail connecting to the Deer Creek Dam Trailhead parking lot.




Course Map

CLOSED AND SHARED COURSE: Two 5.0-mile laps on a variety of double and single-track, and switchback mountainside trail. After the second lap, bikers will leave the SHNC and enter the North end of the Provo River Parkway Trail and head South for 8.7 miles along Deer Creek Reservoir. It is exposed sage brush and scrub oak terrain with direct midday sun bearing down during its peak activity between 11:30-01:00 pm. Riders will get their fix of steep climbs and descents with starting elevation of at SHNC base, a gain of 819 ft per lap and total gain of 919 ft on the Southbound trail. Riders end their segment by crossing the timing sensor at the Deer Creek Dam Trailhead parking lot.

Parking Information

SOLDIER HOLLOW NORDIC CENTER PARKING: Ample parking is available at the SHNC with a walk of 0.3 miles to the Finish Line and Transition Zone. Wingmates with Vehicle Access and Parking Permits (VAPP) will be able to access the Transition Zone of the SHNC for drop off and pick up of athletes and gear only. Vehicles cannot park or wait (with driver) at the Transition. Limited space is available for waiting vehicles (with driver) at the Biathlon Range area. MTB>RCY TRANSITION PARKING: The limited parking at the Deer Creek Dam Trailhead parking lot is for Valkyrie Relay™ operational vehicles and mountain bike & road cycle competitor and gear load & unloading only. Wingmate vehicles may park for their turn to load/unload at a small stretch of service road nearby and at a UDOT sand/gravel deposit lot on the opposite side of Hwy 189. (see course diagram)

Transition Information

RDR2>MTB TRANSITION: Runners enter the SHNC Transition Zone and tag their MTB teammate at the timing sensor to begin the closed course. Riders connect to the MTB>RCY Transition Zone using the Provo River Parkway Trail. MTB>RCY & SUP TRANSITION: MTB riders arrive to the Deer Creek Dam parking lot upon exiting the trail and tag their RCY counterpart waiting for them there with their cycle. As MTB riders cross the timing sensor, his/her team’s SUP athlete counterpart will also be alerted to begin their 5K leg at the Rainbow Bay Day Use area of Deer Creek Reservoir. This will begin a team’s split time for SUP and SWM legs, which will be included as part of the team’s overall time.