Valkyrie Segment: Valkyrie Midway Marathon & Half Marathon


Course Map

The Valkyrie Marathon and Half-Marathon are stand-alone races held concurrently with the Valkyrie Multi-Sport Relay. The picturesque course pays homage to Utah’s celebrated Central Wasatch community, Midway. The Marathon and Half-Marathon begin at 7:00am, simultaneously at Rock Cliff Campground (Jordanelle Reservoir) and The Homestead Resort, respectively. Marathon runners will connect to Midway via SR-32 and hit the half-way mark at The Homestead. If you are looking to pad your finish or split times, this is a fast downhill first half, descending 1050 ft over 10km. After a loop through Midway, and up-and-back on Memorial Hill, all runners turn South on Stringtown Rd to enter the Soldier Hollow Nordic Center to cross the Valkyrie Finish Line, joining the Endurance Sports Summit. The Marathon / Half Marathon course operates from 7:00am – 1:00pm. Timing ends at 10:00am for the Half Marathon and 1:00pm for the Marathon. Runners should assume a ‘Rules of the Road’ race. All runners must obey common traffic laws unless directed otherwise by on-course police agencies or present racecourse closures to public traffic. Mile 0.0 – Mile 13.1: This predominantly open highway course begins at the Rock Cliff Campground parking area at 7:00am. Once onto SR-32, the course heads southbound for 7.7 mls until its intersection with 1050 North in Midway. Then westbound on 1050 North until a left turn at the T-intersection with Homestead Dr. Runner enter The Homestead property, completing the first half as they cross the Valkyrie Half Marathon Starting Line. Mile 13.1 – Mile 26.2: The start of the Valkyrie Half Marathon (7:00 am), runners exit The Homestead back onto Homestead Dr. and round the left turn into Midway center. The course follows a circuitous path South and East through the residential neighborhoods of Midway, avoiding the commercial center. Runners then turn North toward Memorial Hill for a spiraling 2-mile up-and-back. Another residential tour of the North Midway community before merging with the first half of the Marathon course on 1050 North and back to The Homestead. Runner pass the homestead going directly South using Springtown Rd. to enter the Soldier Hollow Nordic Center and the Valkyrie Finish.

Parking Information

The limited parking at the Rock Cliff Campgrounds is for Valkyrie Relay™ operational vehicles and relay team gear and Relay & Marathon competitor load & unloading only. The exception to this is if you have paid to stay overnight at the Jordanelle Valkyrie Bivouac™ (Rock Cliff Campground). Nearest event parking for runners’ personal vehicles is at The Homestead (Marathon half-way point and Half Marathon Start). Parking is also available at the Finish at the Soldier Hollow Nordic Center *Parking is limited along the course so we highly suggest using a friend, family member or ride share who can drop off or pick up at either the Homestead or Soldier Hollow.

Transition Information