ACCOMMODATIONS | Where should I stay ?

AWARDS | What awards will be given out?

COURSE CODES | What are all these abbreviations ? 

COURSE MAP | What way do I go?

DRIVING ROUTE | How will my support vehicle navigate the course.

GEAR RENTAL | Where do I rent gear for the paddle segment and the SUP course?

PACKET PICKUP | Where do i pick up my race bib?

RACE DIVISIONS | What divisions can I register for?

RACE FEES | How much will it cost for my team to register? 

RACE MESSAGE BOAD | Where can I find team members or a team to race with ? 

REGISTRATION | Where do I register?

SPECTATOR VIEWING AREAS | Where can my friend and family watch me kick butt? 

TIME TABLES | How long do we have to complete each segment?

VOLUNTEERS | How do I sign up to volunteer for the race?