Teams may consist of three to nine racers and individuals may compete in up to four different legs for one team or multiple teams.

If you plan to have a team of fewer than three people you must contact the event organizer prior to registering. Race results of at least one ultra-distance race with a qualifying finish time within the previous 24 months will be required in order to be considered for the Ultra division. Anyone participating in the Ultra division will be required to provide on-water aid for all water sports (excluding the paddling segment) which translates into having a teammate in a canoe/kayak paddling behind you to ensure your safety.


Just Having Fun


Racing for bragging rights


Teams of less than 3 people



All racers are men


At least 3 legs are completed by female teammates


All racers are female

Team Types


Your team provided 10 + volunteers for the race. First 10 Volunteer teams fully registered get free entry, contact us for details

High School

All team members must be in high school, any gender. First 10 teams fully registered get free entry, contact us for details


All team members must be employed by the same employer or civic group


All members of the team must be 40 years of age or older by race day.


All team members must be related in some way. This may include but is not limited to step-relations, cousins, in-laws and long term partners.


All team members must be attending or alumni of the same college. Think BYU vs University of Utah.


The Endurance Sports Summit Expo brings together the entire Endurance Sports Community in one location, from bike shops, to coaches, to sport nutritionists, to chiropractors, to bike fitters, etc.. If your company is an exhibitor at the Endurance Sports Summit Expo and wants to set themselves apart from the other exhibitors and leave with some bragging rights, select this team type. It will be a battle of bike shop vs. bike shop, coach vs. coach, chiropractor vs.chiropractor, etc. The rivalries will be endless!!!


All team members must be active duty or have Veteran status from the same branch of the military. The first 10 military teams registered will receive free entry (proof of military service will be required (DD214 or equivalent document for active duty racers). Please contact us for details.


If you have another type of rivalry contact us  and we will create a division for you to race under.