Q: What happens if the race is cancelled due to COVID-19? Will we get our entry fee back?

A: Absolutely, if we decide to cancel the race due to COVID-19 concerns we will refund your race entry fee within a week of announcing the cancellation.

Q: How do I submit my team members information?

A: We understand that you may not have a whole team assembled at the time of registration, so we allow you to submit your team roster anytime after registration up to the day before the race, however we can not guarantee correct event shirt sizes after August 12th. Teams that submit their team roster after August 12th will still receive a T-shirt, but size is not guaranteed.

After you pay for registration you will receive an email from us with a link to the team registration page. Here you will submit your teammates names, contact information, and t-shirt sizes so that we can communicate race related information to your team and have the correct size event shirts ordered for your team.

Q: Is the registration price listed for a team or an individual?

A: The $420 registration price covers your entire team, regardless of how many teammates you end with.

Q: How does it work exactly?

Good question –  The Valkyrie Multisport Relay is a seven leg team relay that includes a trail run leg, a paddle leg (kayak or canoe), road running leg, mt. bike leg, stand-up paddle boarding leg, an open water swim leg, and a road cycling leg.

The seven-leg team relay course begins at Jordanelle Reservoir where racers will compete in the Trail Run and Paddle segments of the race and begin the Road Race segment. The Road Race passes through Midway ending at the Euclid Timbers mountain bike course in Heber, where racers will transition into the Mt. Bike segment. Following the Mt. Bike segment racers will proceed to Deer Creek Reservoir for the SUP and Open Water Swim segments. Once complete the final segment of the race will be the Road Cycling segment through the Alpine Loop into Utah County and finishing the race at Thanksgiving Point to join the rest of the Endurance Sport Summit.


Q: If someone last Minute in your group can’t compete can someone else fill in?

Yes, you can change your teammates all the way up until packet pickup. We do ask that you submit a tentative list of teammates when you register so we can purchase the correct size event shirt. Last minute changes may result in one of your teammates not having the correct size event shirt


Q: What’s the difference between the Valkyrie Relay and a heptathlon?

A: A Heptathlon (or Dec-, Tri-, or Pent-athlon) is a multi-discipline competition performed by a single competitor. The Valkyrie Relay is a team event. Competitors complete their leg of one of the following sport disciplines and tag the next: Trail Run (TRL), Kayak/Canoe Paddle (PAD), Marathon (or two half-Marathons) (RDR), Mountain Bike (MBK), Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP), Open Swim (SWM), and Road Cycle (RCY). View the Valkyrie Relay here: https://endurancesportssummit.com/valykrie-relay/


Q: Can teammates do more than one leg/sport?

A: Yes, if teams want to increase the challenge or are not able to field a full team of specialists, a single competitor may compete in more than one leg of the race. By special arrangement with Valkyrie Relay Organizers, athletes wishing to compete in the Ultra Division may do so with one or two athletes splitting the full course. Check out our Race Divisions:  https://endurancesportssummit.com/valykrie-relay/race-divisions/

And if you are looking for a team or need more to join you, go to the message board: https://valkyrierelay.freeforums.net/


Q: Can you make a case that this race is suitable for non-competitive fitness types and weekend recreationalists?

A: Yes. This race is conceived to inspire competitors to push themselves, to stretch their training and therefore physical limits. Even so, Valkyrie Organizers believe this race is accessible to recreational racers due to its nature as a team relay. You don’t need to take on the whole 90 miles alone, and you may find a greater variety of friends ready to challenge themselves in one of the disciplines than if the race were comprised of a single sport. Take a look at all of the sport disciplines and their distances. If we’ve piqued your interest this far, you should plan to wear a race bib and get on course, 22 August 2020. View the Valkyrie Relay here: https://endurancesportssummit.com/valykrie-relay/

Check out our Race Divisions: https://endurancesportssummit.com/valykrie-relay/race-divisions/


Q: I want to be involved but I won’t be able to compete. How can I help the race from the inside?

A: Be a Wingmate! Teams will need loyal cheerleaders and logistic champions behind the wheel of a support vehicle. The Wingmate is an essential member of the team! If you don’t have a team already that you can support, sign up on our message board to help a team that is lacking:  https://valkyrierelay.freeforums.net/

Read about Wingmates here: https://endurancesportssummit.com/valykrie-relay/support/


Q: Can I volunteer to help the event?

A: YES!! We have volunteer positions serving the Valkyrie Relay and the Endurance Sports Summit: Race & Expo Logistics, Traffic Management, Race Safety/Wayfinding Sentries, Expo Event Services, Athlete Services, Transition Zone Referees, Social Media Agents, and Expo Hospitality. To sign up, go to: https://endurancesportssummit.com/valykrie-relay/volunteers/


Q: What if I want to attend the Endurance Sport Summit Expo and also compete in the Valkyrie Relay?

A: Please do! If you can be semi-self-reliant with transport and have good communication with your team, there is no reason you can’t join us at the Summit before and after your race leg. The Summit opens at 09:00am and closes at 09:00pm. We hope your team will arrive to the Valkyrie Finish Line at the Endurance Sport Summit at Electric Park, Thanksgiving Point, Lehi in time to see your Road Cyclist cross the line and be recognized together as Finishers. Check out the Valkyrie Relay Course Run Sheet to assist in estimating when individual competitors might be on-course: (need to post and assign URL)


Q: I don’t know enough specialists/competitors that want to form a team with me. How do I find other single competitors/partial teams?

A: If you are looking for a team or need more to join you, go to the message board: https://valkyrierelay.freeforums.net/


Q: My team doesn’t own all of the equipment needed, nor do we want to purchase outright by race-date. What are our options?

A: We have links to interested rental and retail outlets, some of which will set up product/equipment demo stations on-course and at the Endurance Sport Summit at Electric Park, Thanksgiving Point, Lehi. Check out our rental partners here: https://endurancesportssummit.com/valykrie-relay/rent-gear/

Here is where you can sign up to use Demo gear as a competitor: https://endurancesportssummit.com/valykrie-relay/rent-gear/

If you are a retailer who would like to be a provider/exhibitor, contact us here https://endurancesportssummit.com/contact/


Q: Do you have a list of all promotions that might discount the cost of entry?

A: Yes. You can read about our standing promotions in the ‘Team Types’ section of our Race Divisions page. But please like or subscribe to our social media pages to learn of our Flash Deals: https://endurancesportssummit.com/valykrie-relay/race-divisions/


Q: If the race course is cleared at 8:30pm, is there any guarantee that my team’s later competing teammates can have a chance to get on-course? I would hate for them to be DQ’d because the rest of us aren’t fast enough.

A: We’ve thought of that. We estimated that is many cases the Road Cyclists may need to leave before their previous teammate tags them to embark on-course. We have developed a “Road Cycling Override” which, if a cyclist’s team has not already been disqualified for not arriving to prior incremental race-course markers on time, he/she can split the timing clock and get on course with reasonable time to finish the race before course closure at 08:30pm. Exact time period for the “Override” is TBD. But please visit our Valkyrie Relay Course Run Sheet to assist in estimating team pacing to stay ahead of disqualification and “Road Cycle Override” split times: (need to post and assign URL)


Q: What kind of vehicle would work best to support my team? Any ideas where to find if my team doesn’t have one?

A: It is unlikely that all gear can be accommodated on a single vehicle’s rooftop alone. If your team Wingmate plans to carry all gear at once we recommend a large van or pickup with crew/double-cab seating, and roof racks for the watercraft. Alternately, your team can register an additional Wingmate and vehicle or you can shuttle gear and competitors to our race ops center, The Valkyrie Relay Bivouac to unload/load. Unless you have made arrangements to demo or rent direct from a supplier operating at a transition zone, you should be prepared to transport a minimum of 3 competitors at once and the following equipment in stages or all at once: kayak or canoe, mountain bike, SUP board, Road Cycle, team hydration/nutrition. Here you can find links to preferred van rentals: https://endurancesportssummit.com/valykrie-relay/support/

Learn about the Valkyrie Relay Bivouac:


Q: Can I replace equipment mid-competition if it fails?

A: Yes. Competitors and their Wingmate(s) will need to arrange their own communication schemes to address and respond to such circumstances as they happen. Please consult course maps and the Race Manual as they develop to learn safe locations for equipment switch-out and any restrictions or advice on approaching the race course. Unlike the rule for replacement of competitor (i.e. for reason of  injury), switch-out of equipment can happen on course, without return to the start of the race segment.


Q: What about parking and access to the course for my Wingmate and support vehicle? Is there a place where I can drop gear and continue if my vehicle can’t carry all gear at once?

A: Vehicle driven by registered Wingmates shall also be registered by make, model and plate number. Registered vehicles shall be issues a Vehicle Access and Parking Permit (VAPP) which will grant it select controlled course access (e.g. transition zones) and controlled course parking/staging privileges. It also grants access to the Valkyrie Bivouac grounds at no additional charge. Only registered Wingmate vehicles are eligible for a VAPP. Additional vehicle wishing access and parking privileges at the Bivouac with be charged a fee (TBD) at ingress.

For more information about VAPPs, please see: (need content and URL)

Learn about the Valkyrie Relay Bivouac: (new page and pin drop)


Q: Are there any other races nearby like this that I can try with friends ahead of Valkyrie?

A: In short, no, nothing nearby. The Valkyrie Relay is proudly the first of its kind to honor the Wasatch Range. But if you would like to experience another similar race, we suggest using key words multi-sport team relay (or we can just post the most similar to us: Ski-to-Sea and Snow-to-Surf).


Q: Will the course be closed and marked for dedicated lanes and controlled crossings?

A: The road sections of the race – Road Race (RDR), Mountain Bike (MBK)-to-SUP connection, and Road Cycle (RCY) – will be governed by “Rules of the Road” policies of the communities the course passes through. Select portions of the course will be under traffic control, lane closure, or controlled crossing in the interest of the race and community. Water courses will be closed, exclusive to the race and enforced by State Park Officials. The Trail Run will be closed for competitors only.

Have a look at each of the race segment course maps. More details will be added as traffic control operations are finalized: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1pM4Xo99vaoMQfUpn8xm7j_3cEEg&ll=40.50004278232141%2C-111.57635490704291&z=12


Q: What does Rules of the Road mean with regard to the Relay?

A: In short, while competing on the road sections of the race, competitors must obey all relevant pedestrian and cyclist laws of the community in which the course is located. For further study, please see: (URL)


Q: I would like to speak or present at the Summit. Who can I speak to?

A: Great! We are looking for talented presenters for topics related to the endurance sport industry and promotion, training and competition, athlete wellness, sports medicine, race planning and operations, and even artistic interpretations of these themes.

Please contact us directly at: https://endurancesportssummit.com/contact/


Q: We don’t have a strong swimmer. Are there protections in place to assure safety on the water?

A: Yes. State Park regulations require that a swimmer’s ‘spotter’ be in the water in or on a watercraft. Our recommendation is, after tagging the swimmer, have your SUP competitor or other teammate keep pace with your swimmer, off-course, on the SUP board. This way you will not need to load/unload additional watercraft.


Q: How late can I replace a teammate?

A: You can change your teammates all the way up until packet pickup. We do ask that you submit a tentative list of teammates when you register so we can purchase the correct size event shirt. Last minute changes may result in one of your teammates not having the correct size event shirt.


Q: What if a teammate is injured and cannot continue? Can I replace them mid-race?

A: Yes, you can. Race Organizers will take steps to eliminate any unfair advantage from doing so. If a competitor is injured and requires a replacement, they must inform a course referee directly. The replacement athlete must return to the start of that racer’s start of discipline (i.e. transition) and start the leg over. The replacement MUST wear a bib that matches the team – either as an athlete from another segment or one who has taken the bib from the injured competitor.


Q: When can I see a rule-book? When can I see a legal disclaimer?

A: A comprehensive race manual and legal disclaimer are being developed. We will inform registered teams directly and post broadly on social media when these documents are completed.


Q: Your brand design is sick! When will you release some branded merch? What do you have in store?

A: Thank you! We agree! T-shirts and sticker/decals are already in pre-production. Finisher ‘medals’ are in concept planning stage, and more items are being considered. The more positive feedback we get, the more likely and sooner we will expand the reach of our brand through merchandise. Show your friends!


Q: I own/promote a brand that fits well with your audience. Can we collaborate? How?

A: We would love to talk! Please contact us directly about it at: https://endurancesportssummit.com/contact/


Q: What are the timings on the course that would assist the friends and family of my team in showing up to cheer us on?

A: You may decide with your Wingmate to share his/her contacts with family. Wingmates are likely to know competitors’ whereabouts in real time, and it would keep you focused on the race. You may also want to check out the Valkyrie Relay Course Run Sheet to assist in estimating when individual competitors might be on-course: (need to post and assign URL)


Q: I provide a service that can support your event. Are you looking for certain contractors? Who should I contact?

A: We would love to talk. Please contact us through out Sponsor portal: https://endurancesportssummit.com/expo/sponsorship/


Q: Will it be possible to scout out portions of the racecourse and test equipment [the day] before the event happens? Are there any restrictions to doing that, which we should know about?

A: Yes, you can do this. With the exception of the Mountain Bike Course at the Euclid property, the race course is a public accessed route comprised of State Park managed trail and reservoirs, State Highways and residential roadways. Entry fees might apply to enter State Park areas. In the case of the Mountain Bike course, we ask for your consideration to inform Euclid in ADVANCE of your arrival to the Euclid property. Please do not explore the private course without first getting permission.

Euclid’s contacts are: (Shawn, suggest best method(s) of contact)


Q: How will you manage trash along the course (such as water bottles, gel packs, etc.)?

A: Thank you for the concern! The course is shared by all residents and visitors of the area. Please be considerate. With their best efforts, race organizers would never be able to retrieve all discarded items along the 90 mile course. Competitors are subject to Rules of the Road race format which include existing laws and fines for littering – designated hydration zones excepted. Certain waste zones/collection points will be designated and communicated. An event waste management strategy will be communicated at a later time.


Q: What if I want to shed layers as the day warms up? Are there any good locations along the course where I could do that for race volunteers or my Wingmate to pick it up instead of carrying it? 

A: We will consider a small number of designated and well-marked locations for this purpose. We will communicate this through regular race update channels and indicate such on the course map.


Q: Any issues with me using headphones or other electronic gear during the event? I do need to communicate with my team.

A: Please consider our admonishment to be responsible for your own safety. You may wear audio phones with consideration for a Rules of the Road race format. You will share the road most of the time with general traffic circulation. You are responsible for your part in any incident that may involve your failure to maintain reasonable awareness of your surroundings.


Q: The Mountain Bike and Road Cycle athletes will be affected by flat tires or the like. How/where is your repair/service setup situated?

A: Mountain Bikers will need to make their own repairs alone on the race course if they can safely move aside to do so and not obstruct the course. Any other repair or exchange of parts or equipment requiring assistance must be done at the bottom of the race course. For cyclists on the road repairs or exchanges can happen at any safe and non-obstructing location, off course. Wingmates should plan to keep on hand essential tools and competency to assist.






Course Map