June 18, 2022



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Soldier Hollow Nordic Center



Endurance sports are more than a race. They are a way of life

Endurance Sports Summit

The Endurance Sports Summit will return to Soldier Hollow Nordic Center in Midway, Utah, June 18, 2022. The Summit is an opportunity for the entire endurance community (weekend warriors, seasoned athletes, those just getting started in endurance sports, coaches, manufacturers, retailers, clubs, events companies, and more) to come together for a one-day event to celebrate the sports they love.

The Summit will including an expo, vendors, The Valkyrie Multisport Team Relay race, on-course product demos, seminar series, gear swap, kids races, race director series, food trucks, and more.


The Endurance Sports Summit Expo will include manufacturers, retailers, coaches, clubs, event companies, educators, and more in an expo-style setting. Participants can easily visit with exhibitors to learn about new products, training, and events, all in one location. With more than 500 endurance events per year, Utah has become a hub for endurance sports and next August, the Endurance Sports Summit is your opportunity to connect with thousands of Utah’s endurance athletes, from the weekend warriors to Utah’s elite athletes.

In addition to the expo, we have designed a multisport team relay event that coincides with the expo that will allow everyone to get together to end the race season together with a fun, challenging, and unique endurance event. The finish line will be inside the expo so everyone racing can join the party when they finish. Ending the race at the expo will also create a unique opportunity for our exhibitors as we funnel their target market directly from the race course and into the expo where exhibitors will be waiting.

Valkyrie Multi-sport Team Relay

The Valkyrie multisport relay is a team event where everyone from the endurance community can come together with their friends, family, and colleagues to participate in their favorite endurance sports. This event is for both the seasoned athlete and the weekend warriors who just want to come out and have fun racing with their community.

The Valkyrie Multi-sport Relay is a seven-segment race that includes a trail run segment, kayak segment, road run segment, mountain bike segment, stand up paddle board segment, open water swim segment, and road cycling segment.

Teams can be made of 3 – 9 teammates and both the paddle section and road run section can include 1 or 2 teammates. Racers can choose to compete in three different divisions: recreational, competitive or ultra. Teams can also compete against each other at the team level, which include company teams, high school teams (Skyline vs. Olympus), college teams (BYU vs. U of U) , Volunteer Teams, Masters Teams, Military Teams (Army vs. Air-force), and more.

Product Demo Stations

Ever bought a bike after just riding it around in the parking lot of the bike store? Hard to really tell how it will perform on the trail. Well, launching with The Valkyrie Relay 2022, you will be able to try out new bikes, new stand up paddle boards, swimming gear, and shoes in the environments they are meant to be used in  Our participating manufacturers and retailers will be offering demos on this amazing course.

Attendees will have the opportunity to demo products on an actual course as well as at the expo. The Valkyrie Multisport Relay course will be open to our vendors to demo their products to the participants of the Valkyrie Summit. Demo areas will be located at Jordanelle Reservoir, Deer Creek Reservoir.

Gear Swap

Coming to the Endurance Sports Summit, June 18, 2022, the Gear Swap is an opportunity for our participants to liquidate their seasonal gear they don’t plan to use and also an opportunity to find new gear. You can drop off your road bike and leave with a new pair of skate skis, or sell your wet-suit and find a new fat bike. The Gear Swap is also a great place for our vendors to close out their inventory from the summer season.

You can choose to drop off your gear on the day of the event or you can pre-register your gear online to be listed on our site for pre-sale and have it sold before you even drop it off. All auction items must be picked up at the Endurance Sports Summit.

Seminar Series

Coming to the Endurance Sports Summit, June 18, 2022, the seminar series is directed towards endurance athletes by coaches, dietitians, pros, and experts in the field. Through the seminar series, attendees will gain valuable knowledge about training, nutrition, and injury prevention.. Topics and schedule will be posted shortly. If you are a professional that would like to present at the Endurance Sports Summit please contact us.

Race Director Series

All event companies are invited to exhibit at the Summit 2022 for free so we can get as many event companies under one roof as possible. This allows Summit attendees to learn about upcoming events and to plan out their race calendar for the year.

With so  many race directors in one spot, we are providing  space for them to put their heads together to discuss  best practices and share ideas about how to solve problems that they run into when putting on a quality event.

Kids Races

At the Summit 2022, participants will also be able to take part in fun events for kids like climbing walls, running and cycling races, etc.