Utah's Only Endurance Sports Expo

At the Endurance Sports Summit Expo, June 18, 2022, we will bring together manufacturers, retailers, coaches, educators, and event companies, in an expo style setting. Our goal is to have everyone involved in the endurance community together under one roof to  exchange training ideas, learn about endurance related products and plan out their event calendars for the next year.

In addition, we have designed a multisport team relay event that coincides with the expo. Everyone will gather together to end the race season with a fun, challenging, and unique endurance event. The event will end inside the expo so everyone racing can join the party when they have finished. Ending the race at the expo also creates a unique opportunity for our exhibitors as their target market will be  funnelled directly off the race course and into the expo.

The Endurance Sports Expo will return           June 18, 2022






This is not your average expo. We bring together people from every level of experience, all with a single interest—endurance sports. As the convergence of the Utah endurance sports community, the expo features athletes, race directors, running/cycling/tri clubs, trainers, coaches, healthcare professionals, and manufacturers.

The Experience

Through providing more than the standard expo, we are creating an experience for the participant to learn new information through our seminar series, try something new by participating in one or more events, and connect with new vendors to purchase  products

Exhibitor Info

The Endurance Sports Show is a unique opportunity for you to reach an audience you won’t find anywhere else.. From triathletes to weekend warriors, attendees are dedicated to the pursuit of endurance sports.