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Looking To Join Team

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I am hoping to find a team to train with or join.

I am a fairly proficient runner and cyclist. I enjoy trail running and road running, but my big thing is cycling.

These are what I could offer any given team:

I am comfortable and able to accomplish the open water swim. With ample warning I could train and maybe even do it fast.


I have a mountain bike, and love the climb. I am not the fastest downhill rider that you have ever seen... by far. But I could definitely finish the leg.


I don't have a SUP, but am familiar enough that I could fill the spot and complete the leg no problem. Same with the paddle (Canoe or Kayak).


I love to run. I both trail run and run on the road. I frequently will go out and do 10k's, but could change my training to get the trail leg done, or work towards the road distance no problem.


My big thing that I am doing is road cycling often. I have all of my own gear and often ride anywhere from 30 to 60 miles on any given day. Again I could change my workouts to increase that distance or speed.


If I could pick, I would definitely join a team as a road cyclist. But, this would be my first endurance race, or multisport race. I am willing to do multiple legs, or be a floater and just cover whatever is left to fill a team.


Let me know.






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